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Английский 5 класс комарова рассказ про гуливера

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    The novel by G. Svifta Gulliver's journey is one of the most remarkable novels in the history of literature. The ship on which Gulliver sails, crashes and he finds himself in special countries. In the Lilliputians, he seems to them a giant and they force him to follow the Lilliput morals, let's say to conduct philosophical reflections about which end to break the egg for eating. And then he finds himself in the country of giants, where he himself is a small, funny toy ... He also visited scientists in a number of places, including on the flying island of Laputu, where special servants beat pouches of peas on the heads of scientists, from deep thought for the necessary deeds. Finally, Gulliver enters the country of intelligent horses of the guingms - noble creatures, compared to which man is an animal. Satirically, it is derived as yehu. At the end of the novel, Gulliver returns to England, having learned a lot about himself and the world

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