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Составьте 10 предложений с правильными глаголоми и 10 с неправильными

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    Неправильные глаголы - irregular verbs:1. They chose not the best leader in their class.2. I just wish I could've said some things sooner.3. Is that what you're wearing to the wedding?4. They won the most hardest competition.5. You should write something about your parents too.6. Just one day, let's only think about love.7. She taught children the most difficult tricks.8. Titanic sank on April 15, 1912.9. With all our strength together, we can take her down.10. Do you wanna go back, to your hometown?Правильные глаголы - regular verbs1. You changed my life forever, dear.2. This boy annoyed everyone in the team, including me.3. Why would you lie to me? You could've just said it from the beginning!4. How am I supposed to sleep through this?!5. The criminal escaped prison and crawled back here.6. You cannot fathom how much I've mourned!7. You couldn't stop me 5 years ago and you can't stop me now.8. The woman hoped to defeat him by clinging to his feet.9. Mr. Smith just needed to keep him from taking three steps to the right.10. Save and protect these innocent kids from this monster!

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